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EDIT BY VITRIOL: A good overview response. "MPA isn't dangerous"

Before delving into yet another analysis of the disgraced forum, readers should have a thorough read of the stickied myproana thread on the top of this subforum (you're on this thread now), which details the seemingly endless list of abuses perpetrated by the moderators of the site, and the users of the forum, which is conducive to an appreciation of the blackness of the site that lies beneath a very thin veneer of welcome and pleasantry; the allure that drags the innocent in; the anaesthetic if you will. 

The basic premise of the argument that PSL is just as bad as MPA would have to mean that PSL causes objectively more harm than good, and to a degree, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in a way that exceeds MPA. Before I probe deeper into the falseness of this suggestion, it's prudent to emphasize that PSL and MPA have one glaring distinction; the former is based on an exaggerated, somewhat misguided form of reality (a question of degree) whereas the latter is based purely on delusion (the pursuit of the site being to kill you via your eating disorder - a question of kind). They're of two entirely different fabrics to be adequately compared. To that end, PSL might say that "looks are everything" but MPA people are way out of the ballpark of any sense of reality, and strive for self-destruction, encourage each other, pedestalize the ultra thin members, fabricate their own weight to be 50lbs lighter than it is to fall within the broader culture of the site, manipulate people into despising anyone who wants to control some of this enormous damage, which is a considerable feat if one is realistic. Being so out of touch of reality, MPA horrifically doesn't even have the pleasure of being misguided. 

The basic fact is that while PSL may instil depression into some people, that stems from a fundamental misunderstanding that most people around the board with an ounce of social experience can correct. MPA, on the other hand, encompasses a cult-like destruction of much greater clarity. It should be noted that the effect of a male posting on PSL is often neutral; their life doesn't really change before or after, they may just come to certain understandings. If it does change after, it's usually far more for the better than the worse. Men, generally, are better at coping. Women are not. Women are extremely competitive with each other on weight, and thrust into an environment of competition, in a life where you are otherwise lacking the overload of validation that you desire, can push members to dangerous points. Perhaps MPA's most egregious aspect, aside from the content itself, is that it claims to support its users. But within a few minutes of browsing the forum, you can find screenshots such as the following:

[Image: bC1tsXH.png]
[Image: Gc7pJVR.png]
[Image: wqTEB4R.png]
[Image: sArCXjv.png]

Even the super administrator on that forum does all but admit that is a rampant death issue on MPA, in a response to a thread entitled "how many people do you think have died on MPA"

[Image: xwaFG8s.png]

If it can be established by the own super moderator of the forum that "too many" people are dying, inter alia, a question is "does MPA influence the rampant death problem on MPA?". The answer is an unqualified yes. The entire culture of the site promotes the degeneration of the individual, thrusts them into a social arena where they can compare themselves to a lot of sick people, normalize their own illness, which gives them the gumption to continue, because "everybody else is doing it". The pictures portrayed in the thinspiration section are so shocking that it should be renamed "deathspiration", because the current name is misleading.

[Image: s4BlDj2.png]



They're glorifying the illnesses of women who are on their death bed; literally. It doesn't get more cold and callous than this. They aspire to be like this. They encourage each other to be like this. The site is so far off from its promise of support that one should question whether there was an auto correct error, that changed "destruction" to "support" when the preface of the site was inputted. The other important consideration is scale; MPA has 1000+ people active in the last 15 minutes at almost all times during the day, and it dips into 3 figures at night; a considerable number in an age where forums are declining on a whole. Further, the site has an astonishing 311,000 members registered, compared to the under 500 people who are active on all PSL forums; and which simply don't possess the dire outlook that MPA does for its members. PSL members aren't dying left, right and center. If you break down the statistics, as I did in the other thread, determining that a certain amount of people die from eating disorders per 1000 people affected, the statistic, after generously being halved 2 or 3 times still brings us to a total of 400+ people per year dying from that forum. The whole site brings about eating disorders. It can push you from a dieting phase into a full blown eating disorder. MPA users will readily admit this, too, because it happened to them. I will be rehashing what I wrote in the other thread, so I'll just copy and paste it.

A user once said "myproana is not a typical pro anorexia site". She's right, it's not a typical pro-anorexia site and that's exactly why it's uniquely dangerous. It lures you in under the guise of support, in a state where you are vulnerable and easily allured. it's a world where you can be as young as 13 years old, and stumble upon one of the most pernicious communities on the internet, and aimlessly implement everything that is taught, only to be told in another 3 years when you're 35kg with no hope or life that "MPA didn't encourage your eating disorder, you were going down that path anyway". It's a community that entirely glorifies emaciation, with people putting their weight on show for everyone to see and absurd goals that they've reached or will never reach - or it might be something else entirely, like a 9 headed hydra behind the account, but your mind doesn't care. You'll still compare. It's a community that isn't pro-anorexic, spoken to you by the same girl who is looking for pictures on obscure Russian sites of deathly thin women to post on the site, for no reason other than to admire the nothingness, mentally masturbate over the fantasy of becoming like that. There are no extremes, and young kids are being exposed to content like this. 

Heck, an adult being exposed to this content is dangerous, but their age somewhat ameliorates it. It's a world that the administrator knows is dangerous. He doesn't log in too much simply because he doesn't want to fill his head with what's there, knowing that you're running that and making a lot of money. It's a world where the most graphic content is hidden from the guest view, and even more content is hidden until you reach certain posts. If you could access a bonespiration thread in two clicks, the site would come under scrutiny almost immediately. The administrator understands the dangers of the site - as a person with any sane mind would - but it's hard to give up a lot of money. It's hard. You'd rather have people die from your site than give up that money. If adsense was suddenly obliterated from that site, admin wouldn't renew it under any other circumstances if there were no equivalent money makers. 

When I think of pro-anorexic forums such as the most popular MPA, I feel nothing but pure disgust at the hook-line-sinker mentality that so many people fall prey to. Pure disgust. And you only understand it when you're out of the metal clutches, because right now you like it when you have an eating disorder. You love being encouraged and being in a community where your 1000 calorie intake is considered "too high" and where your 2 hours of exercise "isn't enough" and where people who are severely underweight still see themselves as fat, when you weigh double what they do. Anxiety underpins the act of constantly comparing yourself, to people who you don't even know if they're lying, you don't even know what type of lifestyle they're living if they are telling the truth. That's fine, we have thinspiration, pictures of underweight to extremely underweight women standing at the beach with long, think hair in locks, with a thigh gap that you could drive a car through and perfectly digitally manipulated hourglass proportions, a dead woman brought to life with the art of makeup and extensive photo editing. If that wasn't enough to spark some insecurity in you, we'll tell you that these girls look "normal thin" and "my goals are much lower". Suddenly you re-evaluate your stance. You hate things about yourself that you can't change, develop hypersensitivity to imperfections and that's it, the eating disorder is an IV drip of medication that will keep you functioning, because losing weight can only be a positive thing, until it's not. 

Then you make your way to the bulimia subforum, where your previously nonexistent or perhaps hidden behavior is normalized, allowing you to question why you should stop if so many other girls are doing it. Scroll through a bit of photos in the "binge haul" thread and off we go to another night of binge/purging, high on the emptiness and satisfaction, drowsy from the electrolyte balance (another positive in your mind, you're doing something right if you're suffering). You collapse on your bed in utter tiredness, and your responsibilities come flooding back to you, where they melted away for the few hours of your fun. You open your phone. Read more insanity in the bulimia subforum about how someone discovered an easier way to purge, or how hands-free purging makes everything so easy for them, or how someone purges, flushes and takes laxatives after, "to make sure I don't digest any calories". You let out a huge sigh, go onto the next thread where people are posting pictures of their faces on a public forum "post purge pictures". I know of few things that are more indignifying. You take a photo of your dead, tired and discolored, face, only to be told that you're extremely pretty. Fair enough, people are being nice. "Nobody before my eating disorder called me pretty", "eating disorder equals pretty". You believe you have all the power in the world when really you've failed at the most basic function of human existence, eat to live not live to eat, or live to not eat. Within a few days on the forum you realize that you don't really have a problem, and that thousands of girls with similar motivations are doing exactly the same thing, because it's a pro-anorexia forum and the content is geared to that direction.

If that wasn't enough, you decide to make an accountability. Woah, what's that Vitriol? Well let me tell you. Basically a chronicle of you achieving an outrageous weight goal or an outrageous something, with people following you to "support you" (which might as well be the equivalent for anorexic buddies; a loathed phrase on that forum though they give voice to it everyday). Things are tight now because people are behind you. Your school - you're failing that. Your work -  you're about to get fired. Relationships, what relationships? You're a lone person throwing up in her home every night and obsessing over arbitrary weight goals. I'm just gong to find anyone on a quick fire app to have sex with because that's as much as someone can handle of my seemingly irredeemable state. You always feel a need to live up to your prescribed goals in the thread, and when you don't, receive messages of "it's okay" laced with something bitchy, or people asking you for more photos, asking you more about your life. You see, manipulation and weakness are inextricably linked to vulnerability, and vulnerability is created when you give up too much about yourself that you have nothing left to hold onto. Being an open book on these forums makes everyone question every day of your life in line with your past experiences (because now they know your life story) and worse, they'll know exactly what to tell a girl like you to give her an extra push, in a subtle, carefully constructed way. 

Sometimes the extra pushes are asked for, known was the "meanspo" threads. Post a picture, get grilled on your body. Hear exactly what you want to hear to traumatize yourself, and these threads can get considerably active. From every corner the site is indicted with classic pro-anorexia notions. The girl at the end might say "don't take it seriously, I think you have a great body" but you know she was serious. It's like someone stabbing you in the stomach, saying "don't take it seriously, you're my friend" as your body hunches over and blood is pouring everywhere. The more your self-esteem is disintegrated via threads like this, the more time you isolate yourself, believing that you're a horrific mess who shouldn't be seen in public and your time again, is spent in its majority on the insanity of these websites, to further your ideas, further the preoccupation. 

If that wasn't enough, you can go to the binge eating disorder forum. A truly lovely forum where 500 calories can be a binge, 1000 calories can be a binge, where people dodge the bulimia forum, going straight to the BED forum to say "I ate 5000 calories" then in microscopic print "but I purged it of course", something that people with real BED would get angry at. Wow, the use of "of course". So I'm just a gluttonous piece of shit with all of this unacceptable food inside of me. If you're lucky you'll cut yourself, if you're luckier you'll remain depressed and if you're the unluckiest, you will purge and down that death sentence you go. Repulsive. What a desolate existence, arriving with a one way ticket there because of words and pictures you see on a screen when you're 15 or 16 years old. And 15 years later you're still in the same rut, because getting old and getting over your disorder with age was just a huge meme, apparently. 

You decide to browse the anorexia forum, that you've avoided because of it's unfiltered triggering content, or perhaps its irrelevance because you purge everything you eat anyway. You see threads like "post pictures of your meals" and "come here if you binged: ana forum style" with users posting photos of small amounts of food (key: more points of comparison) and others saying "500 felt like a binge". if it feels like a binge for her, and you eat 1200 calories everyday, and you feel like death, oh well. Better lower that one too. Interesting story. There was a status update one time where a girl said "should I eat before or after I workout" and a girl commented with all seriousness, "none, fast for better results". The girl was really triggered, obviously. I calmed her down and told her to eat something small before to get her blood sugar up. This girl who was "really fat" was barely 120lbs at a height of 5'8'. I told her to leave MPA and never look back. There was another girl, I believe I remember her name to be "thinnocent". Her BMI was 12-13 and people were telling her she looked gorgeous, "goals", "queen" and the nauseating comments continued from there. Do you think she's a robot? She'll get so triggered by those comments and want to regress even further. I was actually hesitant to speak to her but lo and behold one day she messaged me. And I was glad that she did because I told her that she looked much better at bmi 15-16 and she should delete MPA and never look back. She was bothered by the fact that some people inflated their BMI guesses and felt like "oh I don't look like my weight so I have to lose more". I told her it was BS (it was, she perfectly looked her weight, she just had a slightly below average frame), I added her on kik, told her how I self-recovered and scaled it down for her a bit, and basically supported her through her recovery.  She stuck to the plan until she was weight restored and the anorexia thoughts were barely there anymore. Just move on. Never turned sexual once. We didn't even discuss sex, and we were both in our early 20s. 

"But muh vitriol the predator!" The only related thing we talked about is that I was telling her to meet up with a guy she kept postponing, just to help her reintegrate more. I think they started going out. I have no idea what that chick is doing right now, but at least as of 2 months ago she's still recovered and living life (I don't have her instagram but my friend does and she told me). So that's good, that would be 2 years since she recovered. Sometimes that's all it can take. Simple encouragement to gain a bit of weight and she'll be compelled to gain the rest and you can live a normal fulfilling life again. If I hadn't brought some sense of reality to her and said "YES you are deathly thin, everyone here has extremely distorted views of thinness" she would have bought into the fact that she's "too much", because the disorder wants you to believe that. That's good news for your brain. So what, if someone like me wasn't there to tell her the realities about recovery, was she going to become worse? Well sure, her direction was to lose more weight because people estimated a higher weight. Her parents were supportive but couldn't make her recover. Do we call this playing with fire or russian roulette? 

You can't live life properly with an eating disorder. You're just too numbed. You're not engaged with the environment. You're lonely in a room of 1000 people. You're cold when it's cold and cold when it's hot. Your brain slows down, you become more anxious and emotional, all hung by an unnecessary preoccupation that you should weigh some outrageously low number. Sometimes people can be reduced to just staying in bed all day, relying on their partners, welfare or they are simply a NEET, and their day consists of spending it all day on the internet, mustering the courage to eat anything, panicking over what they ate, and weigh themselves 10 times before they sleep and go to sleep anxious that they'll lose it all again the next morning. What an existence. She should be at a party living it up with other young people and doing what young people do, not in a room about to swallow a handful of laxatives.

If world improvement was chased with this blinkered, cultish devotion that pro-anorexics do with their own illness, then we would live in an extraordinarily happy world. The pull of these disorders are so strong, the results are often glorified by clueless normies, encouraging it to degenerate to something that wouldn't be a pleasing sight. If you were normal or overweight and started purging (bulimia nervosa by criteria), of course people are going to congratulate you on your weight loss, not understanding the unending length of your experience. In the moment, it's just all the more reason to keep doing this. By the time you've received all the social benefits of being a thin female, suddenly the page in the fairy tale book about you can just stop, has been torn apart. You're too conditioned, too dependent. You feel empty if you're not empty. You feel empty if you don't have your nightly purge ritual; like something is off, something a part of you is wrong. And you re-immerse yourself into dangerous communities and before you could say relapse, you're approaching the critically underweight range. It's over. Combine that with other stressful factors in your life and the green light will stay forever green until you cross it, because you know nothing else, you miss the hunger high, you miss stepping on the scale and seeing a loss, and you miss the readily available sense of validation you got off your favorite community.

If this all wasn't enough, now you're a male. Yes. You find MPA, anxious to join but do it anyway, because how bad could it be? A question that most males on that site now respond with "it was really bad". You make your way to the males with ED forum and essentially what you see is 90% transgender men, 9% gay men, and 1% cishet. Obviously I was in the complete minority but glad to see even one guy there who I could talk to. I remember talking to a young male on MPA, quite a while ago. He was about 15 if I recall correctly. He asked me seriously if he should transition into a female. I told him don't, that he's too young and that he should get treatment for his gender identity disorder. I told him he'll cause irreversible effects with hormones at this developmental age, so failing my first caveat, I told him to wait a few more years. More or less he called me a bigot, and said something to the effect of "if trump and pence had a baby, it would be you". He was gay and also called me "cishet trash". 
Fast forward 1 year. I'm back on MPA, things are buzzing, whatever, life is whatever. I get a PM from someone called "paranoid princess". It was basically a novel about her transition and how she completely and entirely regrets it and doesn't know what to do. She showed me pictures of herself and asked if she passed. I was kindly honest and said in some photos yes and in others not. it doesn't matter because when she made a thread asking, people told her "you look like a male who put makeup on" and harsh comments such as that. My last message to him was that he's still young, he needs to get off hormones, consider T shots to bring his levels back up quickly, and take anti-estrogens, and get gynecomastia surgery for his boobs. He said thank you and deleted his account. Wherever he is now, I'm happy that he's not there. If he returned, then that's sad. Without MPA, he would have never gotten the idea of being a transgender. Let me tell you why. 

You're a male in a female's world. From the start, this indicates "you fucked up badly" in your mind and "how the fuck has this happened". Then you make your way to the male subforum and realize that everyone there is trans. You're 15 years old, "if I'm male starving, then I must be a female" combined with the hormonal response to starving in men, where testosterone decreases as estrogen concurrently increases. It brews the perfect storm for feeling female. Just ask any male who has gotten to a really low weight and how emotional they became. They feel entirely emasculated, with nothing to replace the emasculation with. This is where the trans contemplation comes in. And when you're young, you don't think long term. You think of the moment and act in the moment. And that's what he did. And he'll be paying for the ramifications of that for the rest of his life. It's unfortunate. If you sit there with yourself and say "were it not for finding that goddamn forum in the middle of the night when I was 15 years old, I wouldn't be permanently damaged like this". What a thought. A true thought that can be applied to the inevitable incline in severity for everyone's eating disorder then. Hah, one person types "without this forum I wouldn't know what TDEE is so I would have had 300 calories a day and died!". Over the last two years, his presence on that site began as "ed for 5 years", moderate restriction with exercise and always stayed at a slim weight. Within his first year he was really underweight for the first time in his life and remarks that he even "nearly died". The support promise is much like a politician's promise, it's all designed to manipulate you for a greater result, and as orwell once said, it gives an appearance of solidity to pure wind. The result of the politician is to get your votes. The result of MPA is that you can never leave the site, and your eating disorder, while it has been moderately in play for some time, will now intensify and you have to consider how long you're actually going to live like this.

Gender identity disorder is a touchy topic but I will say this. We have no assurance of the permanence of gender dysphoria - it could leave you tomorrow, in a week, in a year or 5 years. But we treat it, seemingly invariably, as though it is a permanent problem, by providing careless children with hormones that will change every aspect of their appearance and turn them into a male or a female. Gender identity disorder should be treated in the view of the dysphoria. Transitioning is giving fuel to the fire. There's a reason why they have some of the highest suicide rates among us, if not the highest. 

Living your life in the male brain then switching over to the female brain, and all the imbalances that occur between, can at times reach suicidal levels of depression, as things attempt to balance out. This is why people spontaneously kill themselves. The disbalance can become so overwhelming, so sudden at night that they make a rash decision to finish it. Just hormonally, they have issues, beyond their ostracism. Without the internet, we wouldn't have 99% of transgenders today. Children get ideas. Children convince themselves that they have this problem and there's no way out. Children are inexperienced. With the current political climate, doctors are handing out T and E to trans men and females alike at 13, 14 years old, in the fear of being called transphobic if they don't. We treat gender dysphoria in a way that's going to amplify the chances of them offing themselves, really. 

We haven't stopped. You make friends on there, who are just as fucked up as you. MiLet's meet up and binge and purge together, what a true bulimic heaven. You go on strange meet ups and say "wow, this was the person behind the keyboard". So assertive behind the screen, so meek and timid in real life, carefully choosing each word and afraid to talk. And you remember this for the rest of your time on the site, that a keyboard can show a lot of confidence, when she doesn't have an ounce of it. It's sad, really. When you become close friends with people who are like you - want to be really thin, binge/purge, restrict, fast, your entire friendship will be hanging by interactions based on those topics. if one recovers, she'll quickly get triggered by her skinny friend and relapse she goes. Don't get close with anyone like this, and if you are, leave it strictly as a non-eating disorder discussion, if that's possible. Then you notice cliques, your need for approval increases tenfold (it was already crippling before). You're on a social arena and you want likes, people to think you're skinny and pretty. It's just validation-celling at it's finest. Typical with most female domains, but uniquely cruel here where your popularity is based on how low you can get, how much you can exercise or how little you can eat. 

You know all of this. You've been living it for years if not decades. You're a shell of who you were. You wake up suddenly. It's 3AM. Your stomach is burning. You open myproana, see a post about this site and say "luukzmax doz guis r delusionla!!11!!!". When you're so deep in delusion, you're convinced that you're right. Why do you have to convince yourself that you're right? Let me tell you. if you're wrong, that indeed myproana is a website that worsens your ED and has triggering content all around it (as countless people have said trigger warnings are useless because the whole site should have one), then the logical thing would be to leave the danger. But you're in the middle of an eating disorder. You don't want to leave. This content is like drugs for you. Keeps you from binging  every night and in line. You might even get a superiority complex of sorts like some users say in their posts, how they feel "high" when they watch other people eat while they drink water. it's little aspects like that, that keep you going. Let's be real, you'd be a lot happier eating and being a normal person, having an electric brain and actually enjoying life, rather than having your interactions, outings, thoughts, everything corrupted by how it's going to affect your intake and your weight. I don't think anorexia sufferers are irritable just because of the malnutrition, but because they have these thoughts gnawing at them constantly. Mental illness is the biggest prison of all. You can't physically escape from it, but carry it with you everywhere you go and hope over time that it tempers. 

An ED pulls you in from a different perspective. You love being a perfectionist, you love accomplishing what other's don't, and what better experiment is there than fighting against natural human instincts. Hunger is your drug, sometimes meshed with making your life look as effortless as possible. Always be cautious of those who portray everything to be effortless. They are overworked and dead inside. The "pro-anorexia" aspects of the site are multifaceted. They're everywhere. Pro anorexia lives and breathes through the site. It's everywhere you go. In the interactions, the pictures, the topics, the replies, the goals. It is all about glorifying thin. Someone has a signature with "bmi 13" and right next to it a beach and a picture of a small skirt. At BMI 13, they walk outside and they're already exhausted. Yes, the glorification is based on a false reality of sorts. If there was no glorification on these forums, don't have thinspiration forums, don't have diets and challenges where you can all push each other to unhealthy limits, disallow pictures of any underweight people, when you post your goal weight, put a picture of a hospital bed IV drip next to it, should you choose to be more in line with reality. A site that is not pro anorexia will be purely recovery based, it's really that simple and there are no exceptions. Heck, even the "south beach diet" forum is a perfect underground that has unofficially been declared pro ana. 

Finally, with the above factors being considered, the forum can be said to cause unadulterated destruction to all people who visit it, male, female or horse. In response to the contention that even steroid forums can be compared to MPA, here is what I've had to say about that:

A beautiful theory destroyed by ugly facts. Steroid forums ban underage users, telling them not to start steroids until they're in their late 20's. Not 15, 18 or 21. 27, 28 is their recommendation. Steroid forums revolve around harm minimization, what medications to take that entirely or largely offset side effects, how long to stay off cycle for, what meds to take during cycle to keep certain blood panels in check, when and where to get blood tests. Pro-anorexia is centered on avoiding doctors because obviating negative health effects is impossible when you've been starving long term, there are no planned "off" periods, and taking vitamins isn't going to offset a really low weight. Notionally, bodybuilders are in a better position than most anorexics. Nobody dies from hormones and this includes bodybuilders. They die from fat burners, which is mutual to, if not furthered in the anorexia world. 

On pro-anorexia forums you can be 13 years old and still receive "support" for your "eating disorder" (aka a desire to be thin) and within a few months, oh crap, now you have a real eating disorder and you're finding it hard to get out of this. Nobody tells you to rack off from the forum. Give medication to the healthy and they will become sick; this is analogously what sites like myproana do. The medication is actually poison. The medication is sick advice. The water that you swallow the medication with is the environment, where everyone is so divorced from reality, that you start to believe it's normal because everyone else does it. That's irrelevant anyway since you've been guided into forming a superiority complex because of how glorified looking sick and underweight is.

Steroid forums and MPA both contain people who have body image disorders and eating issues, but beyond that, they really cannot be compared. They're entirely different leagues, with different goals. The former is based on harm minimization and the responsible use of hormones and the latter is based on pure, motivated, and cultish destruction. The crucial distinction is that the deaths of people on MPA (which in any event are astronomically more than in bodybuilding circles) can strongly be linked to their presence and browsing of the site, and their consequent deterioration overtime. The deaths in the bodybuilding world are due to people going on a frolic of their own, and deciding to take 2 grams of DNP or something silly, when the forums they were browsing are completely against its use in the first place. Pro-anorexia forums parade deathly underweight women and the members of the board strive for that. The final chapter of the book is visible on its front cover.

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Jfc this site is NOT mobile friendly...

ohh yeah you gotta get tapatalk on it

its autumn petals on tapatalk

or autumnpetals

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(08-05-2017, 09:11 PM)Jimmy.Cricket Wrote: An ugly one. Don't get too excited.
All girls are beautiful, m'lady.

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im here, i dont know the email my original account was because this website looks really shady and i didnt know what it originally was so i put in a fake email

its me though

honestly i think i will never be genuinely myself ever again. i know thats dramatic for the internet but i am disabled -- this is my life. When I do go outside I also get shit if god forbid i wear the american flag or whatever small ass bullshit they call you a nazi for now.

Twiztid saying I'm the one that was the bully!! People dragging me through the mud all the way to the end!! I dont know why I was surprised!!

Fuck everyone. Why bother being an honest, sincere person? I'm serious. Why bother.
(08-05-2017, 09:24 PM)Amethvst Wrote: im here, i dont know the email my original account was because this website looks really shady and i didnt know what it originally was so i put in a fake email

its me though

honestly i think i will never be genuinely myself ever again. i know thats dramatic for the internet but i am disabled -- this is my life. When I do go outside I also get shit if god forbid i wear the american flag or whatever small ass bullshit they call you a nazi for now.

Twiztid saying I'm the one that was the bully!! People dragging me through the mud all the way to the end!! I dont know why I was surprised!!

Fuck everyone. Why bother being an honest, sincere person? I'm serious. Why bother.

The mods sided with Twiztid
They banned me pretty much as soon as I went against him

They really love him for whatever reason

He's really the devil

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