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Thread Contributor: ChangeBeauty of Face: Proportion Theory vs. Absolute Length Theory
Is the beauty of a face more about Proportions between different parts
or absolute length of parts?

Tony Robbins is not a supermodel, but looks ok i guess. 
I think he has: big chin, big nose, big forehead. 

If the theory of proportions is right, then: 
Tony Robbins would look worse if he had the much smaller nose of some model. 
While on the smaller model, the smaller nose looks great. 
While a small guy with a tiny head would just look ridiculous with the super-big Jaw of Robbins - he would be better looking with a jaw that is proportional to his face (the 3 thirds rule?) 

If the theory of proportions is wrong, then you can just put the 'perfect male jaw' on any male and make him more beautiful. 

Eg plastic surgery

perhaps my whole face, all the parts are 'too small' 
Let's say all my parts are exactly 5% too small, 
just my nose is 15% too small. 

- if the proportion-theory is right, then making the nose to the size of 'also 5% too small' would be the best way to make him most attractive with nose-operation
-> everything would be too small, but in relation everything would fit

if the absolute-lenghts-theory is right, then making the nose to the 'one perfect size' = 
everything in face is 5% too small, only nose is 'average size of beautiful people' and bigger in relation than all the other face-parts

What would be the better call?

I guess Morphs could enlighten here. 
(But there is some mathematics involved)

Sciency stuff seems to be more about proportions: (scroll down, eg breadth of face should be ‘5 eyes’)

Makup Artists learn rules like that it seems -> because with makeup they try to 'correct' faces. 
They try to de-emphasize parts that are regarded as 'too big' and emphasize parts that are regarded as 'too little'

Golden ratio is another thing about proportions:
"The Golden Ratio appears extensively in the human face, as demonstrated in a 2009 university study on attractiveness and as illustrated by the video below of Florence Colgate, Britain’s “Most Perfect Face” of 2012:

Good post. I think you're mostly on point with the makeup artist direction. Especially from a "what can I fix about myself" perspective. Ultimately, you can't make your skull wider or your orbital rims higher, etc. So you'd need to adjust what you have. Some elements of ideals will never be attainable in your particular case so it's not useful information.

(04-15-2018, 03:33 PM)Change Wrote:
Holy Christ, the autism of that author

Quote: Is the design of the UN’s Headquarters building based on the golden ratio?

Yes. This was supposedly “debunked” in an an article by Dr. George Markowsky, a Harvard Ph.D. in Mathematics, who calculated the simple ratio of the building’s height to width. He noted that the ratio was 1.76 and not 1.618, came to his conclusion, and missed many historical and mathematical facts. One of the lead architects, Le Corbusier, created a design system based on the golden ratio just years before his involvement with the UN project. A well-known, award-winning Disney education film illustrates that the golden ratio relationship is based on three horizontal golden rectangles stacked vertically, not its height vs. width. Golden ratios appear in the visual dividing points on the face of the building, and these are easily can be measured and calculated. Other very clear golden ratios are present in the dimensions of  the curtain wall, windows and front entrance.
Literally some oddball who imagines "The Golden Ratio" where it demonstrably isn't.

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