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Thread Contributor: HāfucelIt should be LMPS, not LMS.

I know that the "just be confident bro" meme is dumb as hell because in most cases, looks matter more than personality, and a physically repulsive but confident man will just be that: physically repulsive with an added touch of annoying due to the unconscious thought by women that he doesn't know his own place in the hierarchy. 

But being neurotypical and confident is completely legit in the realm of female attraction and I have no idea why it's being omitted, and why we focus only on LMS. 

A female's hypergamy also looks at the psychology of the male in her subconscious calculations to judge whether a man is superior or inferior to her, this is an indisputable fact. A good looking aspie will be pleasing to look at but the aspie will be incel simply for being an aspie, regardless of his LMS. 

After looksmaxxing (and moneymaxxing, although this should be more for oneself than for women), one also needs to psychologymax in order to aim towards neurotypicality. The S of LMS isn't enough to address this as a man can be high status but still be psychologically retarded as fuck (see Zuckerberg and Musk for extreme examples). 

LMS is not fully red pilled, the real red pill is LMPS, let's start using this acronym instead.
Tbh I'm starting to come to the realisation that I'm more of a mentalcel than anything. 

My maxilla might not be as forward as it could be. My forehead may be a few mm too high. My clavicles may be short and my hips wide. But if I had a more neurotypical brain in my skull I would probably have no problem with women. 

I fail the hypergamy test simply because I'm too passive and have no idea what to talk about when with women. In the LMPS, it's likely the P that is the biggest contributor to my inceldom.

Anyway. I'll go back to autistically studying some printed out articles by illimitablemen and the likes.

Not saying that lookism is not legit by any means, obviously looksmaxxing is the most legit in LMPS, I'm just saying that the P should also be in there and idk why it's not.
Also I don't think I agree with M having a true place in the acronym. 

If we're going purely by what makes you attractive to women in the primal sense, money isn't one of them. 

I think "money" should be replaced with "competence."

Money appeals to the beta bucks side of female hypergamy. 

The alpha fucks side analyses looks first and foremost, and then the rest: psychology, competence and social status. 

Tbh the LMS acronym is flawed and not red pilled.
Do any of you agree that we need to make a new acronym? 

Keep looks first as it's the most important, then the rest in alphabetical order: competence, psychology, status


not LMS

who agrees, who disagrees, and why
autism the thread

NT doesn't matter

its non real

most loners are not socially divergent, they are just ugly and people dont recieve well tot hem 

if you are ugly you will never be percieved as NT, unless you try your extreme hardest

if you are GL you will always be percieved as NT 

time to rope if you think brain chemistry matters at all

[Image: david-gandy-attends-the-aerodrome-collec...d950834660]

I'm in Japan and here I'm reminded often that I'm perceived as GL simply by virtue of having Europeanised features, and it seems that full-blooded Japanese are completely oblivious as to what constitutes a good, masculine and attractive bone structure in foreign faces, so my recessed maxilla misses their radar altogether. 

Except I'm a social retard so I struggle anyway. 

I've been legit told by one of the teachers that a female student said I was the most handsome guy in the school.

I can't delude myself anymore. I'm a full blown social retard and that's the main thing that's wrong with me. 

All these aspie pictures I'm taking of myself, the hours autistically staring at my face and brooding over every imperfection, it's all a ridiculous coping mechanism at my failure in being neurotypical. 

2 years ago I legit looked like shit and it was 100% necessary for me to do something about my looks

Now I don't look like shit anymore, I've got to get used to this fact 

I still have looksmaxxing to do but the amount I've done so far should normally be enough for any mentally sane human being to prosper
Status is pretty over rated too. And it's misunderstood besides. Status is only useful if the girl cares about your clique. Being a highly influential cattle farmer has approximately zero value to some woman in law school, just as a top tier Manhattan lawyer has approximately zero value to a B&B owner in Vermont. 

It mostly comes down to looks, volume of new women they meet, sexual aggressiveness, and personal charisma. Money and status play a very small role in general. They're really more fringe issues that come in to play in rare cases. 

I've never noted men making 50k vs 300k having much different women with other factors controlled(especially looks). I've seen status work out, but it's not "He has lots of friends!" it's more like being one of the very top people in your particular area, that certain specific women want to get into themselves. The highly influential magazine publisher doesn't end up dating hot young nurses, or lawyers, or models. He ends up dating hot young journalists. Go figure.

The main value of being "high status" is that it often means you meet more people - which is actually just meeting a high volume of women in disguise. If your high status results in you meeting mostly men or older women, it won't help very much. And "high status" and "charismatic" tend to be paired more often than not.

That said, being seen as an authority figure by women is pretty important. Respect and admiration are very important to have a good relationship with a woman. If she doesn't look up to you at least a bit, you're in for a world of fighting and drama.

(Yesterday, 02:59 AM)Vitriol Wrote: He broke her heart and she broke his HTPA.

Ye sure w/e man

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It definitely is important, but I think of it as something that matters further, the whole concept of game, confidence etc.  To me it is just the other area. 

LMS stands for attraction. Personality should mostly be way more important than e.g. status in getting girls, but it's the status that affects the attraction.
Realistically social ability does matter and the majority of people will agree that it does fuck you over if you are socially inept. The big reason you can't add the P into the theory of LMS is that all LMS is based on is your inherent sexual value on a linear level. No chick is gonna know what mental problems you have if they just understand the baseline ideas behind your looks, how much money you have, and if you have any real status. Psychology is its own area due to the fact it can affect subjective things such as body language, speech patterns, and ability to interpret social cues.

I know that I struggle with the mental aspect of socialization but the thing you have to realize is that if you are astounding in other areas such as your looks, money, or status it makes everything easier.

Psychological state is a complement to being good in other areas but can almost never be the sole reason you succeed.

Only extreme cases of mental deficiency actually lead to inherent issues in finding relationships or sexual partners (obviously with the caveat that you aren't shooting way above your looks level and go for something either at your looks level or slightly below)

Overcoming mental inadequacies should be the ultimate end goal for enhancing the level of your relationship or sexual partners but being strong in other areas broadens the range of your possible partners that you can attract when you address the mental concerns that appear.
Damn Cornholio, great stuff, makes a lot of sense i think you nailed it

Fun fact: With 2 out of the 6 of the hotter girls i slept with being my profession helped me, because the women also wanted to be this profession. 
One basically told me she only slept with me because she wanted me to be aquainted with her. Basically networking. I think women who are eg actors get together with directors or other older actors or stuff because this men can give her value in form of advise, connections..

What are good professions? 
Bookkeeper sitting alone at home surely not. 

I think teaching something is a dominant thing and therefore attractive. Giving seminars for something. Anywhere where you also have to market yourself.  

But being a male pornstar is somehow not so good, although you show on camera that you fuck other hot women in a dominant way.

But: being a star in a movie that females crave is a jackpot i guess - twillight series, titanic.. but you have to be good looking of course. 

Being main actor is also special i think - people 'think' they know you because your unconsciousness basically does not differentiate between role and actor. But being a hollywood main role actor is as common as winning the lottery, so that's no choice.


looks money personality proximity shtatus

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