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Thread Contributor: VitriolUpdated/New Comprehensive Looksmaxing Guide [FEMALE FRIENDLY]

Hello to all readers,

This guide will be as far-reaching an comprehensive as possible, time permitting. We're going to go through everything that makes people attractive, and talk about products, surgeries and strategies that you can use to achieve a more aesthetic look. Looks matter; this can't be stressed enough. Knowing that the overwhelming majority of the audience is males, I will tend to focus on them but also dabble into female concepts and examples.

The important caveat to remember is that 'soft' looksmaxing is enough for most people; an umbrella term used to describe any looksmaxing pursuit that isn't surgical. Generally, this entails losing weight, going on hair loss medications to prevent recession and/or induce regrowth, grooming, improving the quality of your skin and so on and so forth. 'Soft' looksmaxing might be construed as reddit-tier advice, except that the average person on reddit will tell you to embrace the bald look because finasteride - an FDA medication - is pure poison part of a conspiracy to kill everyone. This will not be the attitude here. There is no bluepill reddit attitude here, that's for reddit and now we're on

The second and perhaps even more critical caveat is that surgeries should be pursued insofar as they bring your face into harmony. Harmony is the most important aspect when it comes into attractiveness; giving yourself conventional 'chad' traits via surgery while said surgery throws your facial ratios well out of any harmonious balance is counter-intuitive to our purposes. Good examples of great harmony include:

Francisco Lachowski

[Image: pb2H8V_z_400x400.jpg]

He has a top tier eye area, but the rest of his features aren't exactly what would be on a 'chad mould' but it works well, together. Attractiveness is an interdependent process. 

Pietro Boselli

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Everything works together. It's not that all of his features are derived from a chad mould; but his features are harmonious. Note that he's incredibly haloed by his body (haloed to be taken in a sense of 'carrying' him, making him appear more attractive than he is). Body makes a huge difference and we'll delve into the specifics in due time. 

Contents for discussion
1. The Upper Third (including hair)
2. Eye area
3. Midface (including nose)
4. Lower third (chin, jaw)
5. Body
6. More

Ideal ratios, what are they?

For males, the lower third should be the largest, the upper third second largest and the midface the third.

[Image: e9848871b8842c9127bc3a78080b5172.png]

[Image: baedd492e07ff34b74355dfd2fec88f9.jpg]

[Image: 91cbc2a2dc2a0bc38cf834cb44b4f377.png]

The lower third critically must be the longest part because it's an indication of dominance; an indication of masculinity. When you overload someone's systems with hormones in their developmental years (and arguably even beyond), the jaw chiefly responds to them and significantly develops.

It is often contended that Elliot Rodger was a chin implant away from markedly different prospects.

[Image: Mgg0uCf.gif]

The gonial angle was played with too but it doesn't deny the central point that a broader, square chin infinitely helps. It gives a sense of dominance and masculinity to a face. Women are generally looking for features that distinctly characterize one as masculine, in height, in weight, in facial angularity and so on and so forth.

A weak chin on a woman? Well it's attractive because it's not overly developed; it's fundamentally feminine. A strong one is fine too, if the rest of your face is more developed than the average female. This sentiment holds true for most ideas regarding female attractiveness; an "anything goes, just don't be overweight" assessment. 

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Chin implant can be of use in certain cases involving males. Sliding genioplasty will benefit virtually anybody, too.

A long midface is one issue where surgeries are of limited effectiveness. 
Examples of long midfaces

[Image: troy-verbaan.png]Shortened:

[Image: unknown.png]

Long midface on a woman:

[Image: 26864259_1992784250989096_6861922618635714560_n.jpg]

Shortened by 10%:

[Image: yRu863U.png]

Ultimately what we can see with this girl is that she affirms what I was about to introduce about optimal female ratios. It appears that what is optimal is when components are approximately equal. 

[Image: Facial-Proportions.jpg]

Attempting to create some sense of equilibrium between her face (imprecisely):

[Image: uFQAbav.png]

The second school of thought is that a slightly longer midface is ideal, as it gives a 'high class' appearance. Nick Bateman is a good example:

[Image: wOGACFj.jpg]

His face isn't extremely angular, his chin isn't extremely square, but everything is in harmony. This is a critical point that people need to remember. Not to get carried away, a slightly long mid face might be ideal, but at the least it's not detrimental, so long as you have a forward maxilla.

Let's talk a little about the upper third.

[Image: tapatalk_1459508903712.png]

The importance of a sufficiently low hairline that provides a square frame to your face cannot be stressed enough. Hair is the number one indicator of youth in men, and unfortunately, an increasing amount of men are losing hair at an increasingly younger age. 

It's unknown what "new" factor is at play here, though plenty have joked about a "new hormone in the air". Whatever it is contributing to the onslaught of hair loss in young males, you should be on medications to reduce your DHT, as at the very least, high levels of dht and sensitivity to that DHT is what accelerates hair loss in those who are susceptible. Finasteride and dutasteride are key. Minoxidil is garbage, I don't advise using it, but people have gotten great results from it. It reduces your collagen, gives you dark circles around your eyes, and minoxidil is like life support for your hair. Healthy hairs can become reliant on it. 

Here's what happens when someone went off minoxidil for 3 months.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Reducing your DHT is far more important. If you stopped finasteride for a year after you've been taking it for a while, you'll obviously experience some shedding but it won't be a complete reversion to your bald starting point, as it is with minoxidil. In short, FUCK minoxidil. But do what you want.

Finasteride and Dutasteride side effects range from moderate to severe, and from temporary to permanent. Different people have different stories to tell, but one thing that is for sure is that the stories are horrifically exaggerated. Most men get little side effects from these medications, and have superimposing factors in their life that is to blame for their erectile dysfunction or whatever else they're feeling. Finasteride and dutasteride are common scapegoats. The exaggeration is so extreme. Do your research and make a decision. 

Dutasteride results:

[Image: dutnl.gif]

[Image: dutasteride-hair-loss-before-and-after-i...-after.jpg]

[Image: 8100_8174_3.jpg]

Finasteride Results

[Image: Male-hair-loss-3-Beforeafters.jpg]
[Image: FFdJH3Q.jpg]

Finasteride + Minoxidil

[Image: medications_patient-bqc.jpg]

If you decide to take it, as low as 0.2mg of finasteride everyday can give you most of finasteride's effect (literally). 1mg isn't necessary but commonly taken because it's easy to split medications into that dosage. 0.5mg for dutasteride everyday seems to be ideal, though some people have talked about getting results at 0.5mg twice weekly. Dut has a much longer half life than fin, so you can afford to have somewhat spaced out dosages. It takes a while (I think even weeks) to fully be out of your system. My source for dutasteride is (not sponsored). Pay by bitcoin for 10% off. I've ordered as much as 180 dutasteride pills from them at once and it arrived perfectly. They ship it with a doctor written prescription too, so customs can't have questions. 

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: DutasterideFinasterideDHTReduction.jpg]

It's generally not advised to take finasteride or dutasteride unless you're at least 18 years old, but I would wait more. Wait until 21 at least, at which point we can safely say that the role of DHT in our development is well and truly over in all but anomalous cases. Start with finasteride too, to get a feel for how you respond. After a year go on dutasteride. The myth that it becomes "less effective" over the years is just that, a myth, we just become more sensitive to DHT it seems as we age. 

The key is to FIGHT YOUR HAIR LOSS EARLY. If you fight it early you'll forever thank yourself. Don't wait until you're norwood 5 to start treatments. Start as soon as you notice recession and shedding, coupled with the aforementioned caveats.

The norwood scale for reference:

[Image: norwood-scale-for-men-jpg.80588]

[Image: norwood5.jpg?resize=617%2C380]

A man becomes old as soon as he starts to lose his hairline. This is an unfortunate fact. I urge all males to fight balding with everything possible, until we're finally handed a cure (though don't rely on it).

Use argan oil for hair thickness. It really helps. Coconut oil is similar. I hear castor oil is also similar though I have no experience with it.

If you have a prohibitively high hairline, look into hairline lowering. Sometimes you might not have hair loss at all but your hairline's high position may result inescapably in that inference. 


Let's focus on the eyebrows. Vaseline will thicken them, really. Use it every night. 

Women - not pencil thin and not caterpillar thick. Something in between. If people are wondering if you drew your eyebrows on and that you in fact wake up with no eyebrows, you're doing it wrong. 

Women with wider set eyes - don't finely pluck your eyebrows, so as to give an illusion of proximity:

[Image: aPGQsZm.png]

Men - a little on the thicker side but not extreme, and horizontal (key).

[Image: qiaHvVc.jpg]

[Image: file.php?id=1263]

Men, filling your eyebrows in lightly can be tremendously helpful. Just don't over do it. Just small touches. Men, when you pluck your eyebrows, only half-ass it. Being overly groomed will give off a homosexual vibe. If that's what you're after because that's your sexual orientation, then by all means.

The prettier your face is, the thinner your eyebrows should be. The more masculine your face is, with lots of bone weight like Jon K, the thicker they should be.

[Image: MV5BMzljMzEyZDYtMGRkZC00ZTAzLWEyYmYtYmQy...17_AL_.jpg]

We've gone through the upper third - keeping your hairline for as long as possible to promote a youthful appearance and hairline lowering if forehead is overly large or hairline is simply high.

Eye Area 

[Image: External-Eyelid-Anatomy.jpg]

Let's talk about the eye area. What exactly is ideal for a man?
  • High palpebral fissure length (unfixable)
  • Defined medial canthi (unfixable)
  • Good orbitals (fixable with orbital rim implants, but tricky...)
  • Neutral tilt (or slightly positive) for males (fixable with canthopexy, but also tricky...)
  • Hooded
  • Vertically narrow
  • No scleral show
  • Low-set, thick, dark eyebrows (either straight or with slight positive tilt)
  • Good IPD
  • Deep-set
[Image: Fashionisto-Exclusive-Andreas-Eriksen-006.jpg]

[Image: E88bh71.jpg]

We should focus on the right; the hooding of his eyes and the hunter-like appearance of his eyes. Biologically, this shows women that you're good at acquiring prey, thus the evolution hardwired into her gives her a signal that her offspring will fare well with this male (because the subsumed consequence of sex is procreation, even if it's not the pragmatic objective).

[Image: eyWCYsK.jpg]

His eye area is excellent and some would argue halos his entire face. He has little upper eyelid exposure, his eyes are framed by his straight eyebrows (notice that the 'prettier' a male is, the thinner they can have their eyebrows).

Pierce Brosnan demonstrates that we don't need complete hunter eyes to be attractive. Notice that his eyes aren't bulging - bulging eyes indicates vulnerability; a conventionally female point of attraction. Bulging is usually the result of inadequate hooding and upper eyelid exposure.

[Image: 396783-pierce_brosnan_james_bond_007.jpg]

Eye area surgeries are usually limited in effectiveness. Generally if your female and unless you have significant hooding (and arguably even if you do) stay away. Far away.

[Image: eye04_img04.jpg]

[Image: residual-deformity-in-oral-and-maxillofa...1456855771]

[Image: Eyelid-Surgery-before-1733129-2232017.jpg]
[Image: Eyelid-Surgery-after-1733129-2232018.jpg]

She looks worse after. These would be successful results for a man. Females tread carefully with these surgeries. 

Canthoplasty - an example of fixing the lateral canthal

Note: a risk with the canthoplasty is that they horiztionally shorten the eye, which can be bad for those with already horiztionally narrow eyes.
(credit to @Gwyn)

[Image: 2A.jpg]

An improvement. He got what we want, vertically narrow, smaller eyes. He got rid of the unfavourable 'feminine' bulge. As it goes with most female things here, virtually anything goes. Having huntress eyes as a female can be great, if you do give off a fierce appearance via your bone structure to begin with (more defined jaw than most females, a bigger chin and so on and so forth - see Adriana Lima).

Neutral or positive canthal tilt is ideal (though with positive, not extreme or it just looks cartoonish). Surgeries have limited effectiveness on those with negative canthal tilts and this is something that unfortunately you will have to live with. 

To get deeper set eyes, look into orbital decompression
Another good surgery is lower eyelid retraction for those with bug eyes like me.
Orbital rim implants are ok.
For lower third, if you can convince a surgeon to get it, an inverted-L ostetomty is very good as it is the one surgery that can increase ramus length via acutal bone rather than implants.

ZSO can be useful if you have already high set cheekbones and just want more projection. There was a user on lookism who fixed his cheekbone by just projecting them more by 2mm. 

In term of lips, fuller lips are almost always better. Thinner lips give off a very primitve look which isn't necessarily the best. Obviously very full lips like Miroslav isn't ideal but it can still work. Lip shape is also very important (cupids bow and not having a bulging lower lip). 

No mention of Philtrum, which is very important in attractiveness. The longer your philtrum is, generaly the worse off your face is. 
[Image: QllLCCj.jpg]
To fix one a lip lift is good I think. 
(credits to @Gwyn for the edit)

Another key fact that is missing here is Maxillary Protusion and anteface. Having an anteface gives off that very "defined" look. Your face will always look really bad if your profile isn't up to par.  Most of the bulging eyes could have been prevented if they had a projecting midface, since that affects the suborbital rim, and having a recessed one will set back the sub orbital rim relative to the eyeball, giving a more bulging look.

It's worth noting that the eyebrow ridge is important for framing for the eyes. You don't need a monstrously developed one as a male, but some definition will help. An eyebrow ridge implant should only be used in cases where you more or less have a nonexistent eyebrow ridge. Wait until your early 20s, too. Sometimes it develops late (much like the lower third of the face).


Alright let's talk about the midface. The generally ideal midface for males starts with well defined zygomatic arches, that will be the pillar for the rest of the midface, giving you the defined cheekbone look.

The zygomatic arch:

[Image: GzegRSK.jpg]

Examples of prominent zygomatic arches.

[Image: 8010636e03f3546a9cfa6bf4c36a4c65.png]

[Image: Tyler%2BMaher%2Bfor%2BHomme%2BPlus%2BMag...1%2529.jpg]

[Image: 464092247_1280x720.jpg]

To an extent:

[Image: 790adef70aa53e59097354e8626a7d33.jpg]

It doesn't need to be extreme. Whatever is harmonious with the rest of your face - generally some bone mass there is important. 
As discussed and demonstrated previously, a slightly long mid face might be ideal, but an overly long mid face is not. There's not much you can do to get around this as stated. A lip lift and getting jaw implants to develop your lower third to bring everything into proportion, is a possible remedy.

Eppley is the only surgeon I know of who offers a zygo implant. Tread carefully as it's a relatively new and widely unused procedure. Don't decide the angularity your face until you're at least 12% body fat. If you're 25% body fat, unless you have an anomalously great zygomatic arch, it's going to be well concealed. 


This is the surgery that will benefit women the most. In males, it often makes them worse. Go to a surgeon who has experience with lots of MEN. Different surgeons have their own technique, which may or may not be geared to males or females.

[Image: female-rhinoplasty-5.jpg]

[Image: rhinoplasty-before-and-after-nevada.jpg]

[Image: female-rhinoplasty-banda.jpg?v=1]

[Image: male-rhinoplasty-los-angeles-012.jpg]

[Image: IqZ8fd2.png]

Arguably a worse result - his nose became more upturned and therefore feminine. There was nothing wrong with his level of protrusion before - he's a man not a female. Decent protrusion is fine and sometimes necessary and desired.

[Image: Male_Rhinoplasty_3.jpg]

Also arguably a negative result. His lack of forward growth is emphasized with a smaller nose. 

Males tread very carefully. 

Toni Mahfud is an example of a successful male rhinoplasty

[Image: 73p26w.jpg]


Even 'unaesthetic' protrusion might not be all that prohibitive if it's within the robustness of your face. Gandy is a good example.

[Image: 72d74f522d8418b3e2e74b3428601cf6.jpg]

It didn't stop him from being a globally renowned model. 

Girls, as demonstrated in the before/afters, aim for a properly angled, less protruded nose. Smaller features are by character feminine but if you have an extremely forward maxilla (therefore forward growth), more protrusion is acceptable. There is no one blanket answer that I can give everyone. The answer is 'it depends'.


On men a pretty boy appearance can afford to have slightly fuller lips. Otherwise, narrow, horizontally long lips are ideal.

Less fuller lips:

[Image: retouchlight.jpg]

Moderately fuller lips:

[Image: Chris-Zylka-Buzzcut.png]

Slightly fuller lips:

[Image: large.jpg]

It's ideal for the lower and upper lip to be approximately equal. Lip reduction is an uncommon but used surgery in extreme cases. Lip fillers are the obvious solution for females with gummy smiles and thin lips, Kylie Jenner infamously being an example

[Image: 8a76b96f1b22429b7aae7eef25b2d99e]

Lower Third

A compact or slightly long mid face is complimented by a wide, slightly forward protruding lower third. Good chin development is also a necessary component.

Case study; creating forward growth and rotating the face anti-clockwise to re-level it

[Image: deeb3e8fd59f890a9bf001c150e2c6b2.gif]


[Image: 578ce690e3b71b3a692167369e21469c.jpg]

(note his lips aren't ideal: imbalanced in fullness)

There's debate over whether a clearly defined square chin is all that necessary and the answer has to be no, as a broader, single-pieced lower third is also present on exceptionally attractive individuals. 

[Image: IMG_0324.jpg]

[Image: nick-bateman-2.jpg]

Jaw implants often combined with a sliding genioplasty can help with this:

[Image: Jaw-Implants.png]

[Image: jaw-augmentation.jpg?itok=WlsuwkUa]

[Image: Dr-Jason-Champagne-Custom-Chin-and-Jaw-B...ormat=750w]

[Image: jaw_implants_jaw_augmentation_surgery_su...gger_1.jpg]

Females, don't masculinize your jaw with implants. A weak jaw is attractive. Chin implants can benefit both genders as does sliding genioplasty. 

On the note of some of these photos, keeping a 5 o clock shadow for your beard can give the illusion of improve angularity. If you have an unfavorable lower third and can't get surgery for whatever reason, it can be somewhat masked with a beard, though many question the effectiveness of the strategy. 

We've talked about a lot. There is a lot to talk about.

Neck training (males only)

The neck can create a substantial difference in the dominance of the male.

[Image: 10x8pdf.jpg]

[Image: 13zpqj5.jpg]
[Image: 1yobdh.jpg]

[Image: 2zs1k0m.jpg]

[Image: 1z5m1i0.jpg]

Do all the 3 different movements, progressive overload and it should grow fast (extension,Flexion, lateral)

Quote:Quote:[Image: 1z5m1i0.jpg]


The sternocleidomastoid (SCM) has the largest moment arm (best leverage) for neck flexion, while the superior and middle trapezius fibers have the largest moment arms for neck extension. The splenius capitus and semispinalis capitus also display good leverages for neck extension.

Lateral Bending

The muscles with the best leverages for neck lateral flexion are the anterior scalenes and SCM. The middle scalenes and levator scapulae also possess significant lateral bending capacity.

4th movement, you can only really do this if you have access to a cable machine or bands


The superior and middle trapezius, sternocleidomastoid and semispinalis capitis sub-regions were the greatest contributors to contralateral (opposite side) axial rotation, while the rectus capitis posterior major, obliquus capitis inferior and splenius capitis were the greatest contributors to ipsilateral (same side) axial rotation.

When doing neck work in general (harness or bridges) you will probably need to wear a beanie or a hoodie as it will feel like the hairs on your head are being pulled out if you're not wearing one.

Helpful video:

To do the lateral (sides) movements you can also lay sideways on a bench like in the video below or a couch if training at home. Or attached to a cable machine 

If you feel the harness is going to slip off your head when doing the lateral motion, use the hand you're not laying on to lightly hold the harness.

1-3 WORKING sets, Do a few light warmup sets beforehand.

Extension 1-3 sets        8-12 reps
Flexion 1-3 sets           15-25 reps
Lateral 1-3 sets           15-25 reps
Rotation 1-3 sets         15-25 reps

Best ones on the market:

Highly Recommend Senshi Japan equipment, really cheap but amazing quality.

Neck Bridges

If you dont have a neck harness you can do neck bridges. For extra resistance you can hold a weight plate on your chest when you find doing it with your bodyweight too easy. You will probably need to wear a beanie or have some padding on the floor when doing these.


These can also be done against a wall, put some padding on the wall like a pillow or towel if it hurts your head. Do these combined with neck bridges, so do your neck bridges first then do isometrics last.

But remember, neck harness work is superior, it may take longer to build a large neck doing bridges and iso's due to it being very akward to progressive overload. With that being said its better than nothing

Movements for forward head posture

Movements that will strengthen the smaller neck muscles that help prevent forward head posture

You basically just have to mimic the movement in the video below, and here are the different ways of doing this movement. Pick one you find best

4 options

-Can be done with resistance bands 
-With a neck harness attached to a cable machine
-Neck harness with a freeweight and slighty bending over 
-with a neck harness & freeweight laying face first on a bench like in the gif below

[Image: 15xv88w.jpg]



Body is critical for both genders. Losing weight is usually the only thing females need to do in this age of fat acceptance to be crowned the unicorn princesses of the land. And for men, losing weight will bring out the angularity (if you have it underneath) necessary to make a male attractive. The argument can be extended to a further claim; that with a great body alone you can run 'niche' game (fucking girls who are attracted to your body).

Our lovely friends over at demonstrated this via an experiment:

[Image: HZlOQ5v.png]


[Image: wFOKzOO.png]

[Image: xcCcgju.png]

[Image: PANScmw.png]

[Image: XfR8MVu.png]

[Image: XbWPUVN.png]


Even with a well below average face, he can still have sex with attractive women from tinder. 

Body is important. Never bulk, especially without steroids. Being freakishly huge is one thing that will scare all but the most masculine of women. It's a meme. Just stay lean, that is unless you look like a concentration camp survivor to begin with, in which case some mass is warranted. Lift heavy weights. The redpilled exercises you should do are shoulder presses, lateral raises and deadlifts. Fuck conventional gymcel/powerlifting plans that are only designed to make you look big in all the places that don't matter. Neck training too of course.

If you're going to go on steroids, stay away from tren. For most men it will annihilate their hair, some quicker than others. Low dose testosterone is enough in most cases, with an oral like anavar. On cycle, dutasteride and RU for a virtually bullet proof steroid hair loss prevention regiment.

Disclaimer: possession of steroids is illegal in many countries. Check the laws of your country and be a law abiding citizen!

Vitriol! I'm really short! Five foot 5! What the fuck do I do?

What anyone below the average height should do, whether it's 5'8 or 5'4 is wear 1-2 inch lifts (any more and it becomes obvious, as your walk generally becomes disturbed).

There's really not much more you can do and change the framework of women you go for. Good looking white girls are less likely to accept a really short guy compared to some other cultures. It's all location. The average height of a person in Denmark would be record-breaking in Bolivia, it's just that simple. Also play with hair, to give the illusion of height.

Plenty of people on the internet claim to be pushing 7 feet tall, but as someone who is a legitimate 6'2, I can quite comfortably say that I'm taller than most people. Generally in most western countries you will be fine 5'10 and above. 5'8 is acceptably short (remember you can fraud with 1-2 inch lifts too), 5'6 and below it starts becoming more and more of a liability. 

Vitriol! I'm going to get leg lengthening.

Don't do it. It's a dangerous surgery that will ruin most people's proportions unless they have a very long torso and very short les to start with. You will never have your full athletic ability ever again. Let's just wait until there's better technology. The current method of lengthening is dangerous and most methods are quite archaic. 

Ancillary matters

Vitamins and their uses.

Beta carotene/vitamin a = clears skin and gives a tanned glow
Biotin = can help with hair quality
Vitamin D3 = helps with a lot of things including skin tone, hair quality, bone health and so on
Niacin = the only vitamin that releases growth hormone (ideal for puberty)
B12 = can help with metabolism if you're deficient (many are). It will increase your RBC count, which can also help with healthier skin

You don't need much else. Mk677 is largely a meme, I wouldn't expect a lot from it. It's no where near as potent as HGH and HGH is already overstated in its abilities. 

Teeth - do whatever you can to fix them

Clothing - develop a good body so you don't have to hilariously layer yourself in clothes to hide your lack of frame. YES working out will improve your frame. Lookism user 6ft4 (note he is/was on steroids)

[Image: p1jv1tD.png]

Jon Skywalker

[Image: WjjXqOp.png]

If you have wide hips and a really narrow waist - don't get very lean. Cruise at 20% body fat.

He looks worse after:

[Image: Brad_B_Adonis_Index_Transformation_Front.jpg]

Redpill on skin 

For skin, start with beta carotene. If it does nothing over a few months then move onto a low dose of accutane under your doctor's supervision. Cut out dairy from your diet (mainly cheese and milk).

Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrating the importance of skin and teeth

[Image: main-qimg-7979b4a96d3d3ad754378da1ba3fd013-c]

That's all I can think of at the present time.

ANYONE on this forum wanting to add/edit anything, PM me the proposed alterations.

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Blackpill: my daughter is my life

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Blackpill: my daughter is my life

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