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Thread Contributor: HāfucelGuide to successfully frauding a beard with minoxidil
Step 1: buy minoxidil 5%
Step 2: apply to face once or twice a day 

Does your face look like a naked molerat? 
Do you have a weak, patchy beard that you're too embarrassed to grow out? 
Perhaps you've got a pretty good beard already, but you would like to perfect it to its full potential? 
Do you want to lumberjackmaxx theory? 
Do you have a non-existent chin and wish to hide that fact with the help of a thick bush? 
Or maybe you're looking more for a masculine stubble that will help define your jaw and make it look sharper? 
Then you've come to the right place. Say a big fuck you to your genetics and get the beard you've always dreamed of having. 

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your use of minox. This stuff isn't even supposed to be used on your face, it's a hair regrowth treatment for baldcels. Use at your own risk. 

The important things you should know about minox beard frauding:
  1. Minox will give you face bloat. Drink water. 
  2. Minox will give you extra hair on your chest, hands, arms, etc. Not necessarily a bad thing as it's masculine. The annoying part is increased nose hair and ear hair which need to be taken care of. You will also get darker, denser and longer eyelashes, which although might feel weird at first, is actually an improvement for your eye area. 
  3. At the beginning of your minox journey, you may get some heart palpitations. I recommend starting slowly (only once a day) before gradually letting your body get used to it, then increase your use to twice a day if you wish to. For me, the heart palpitations were temporary and only lasted a couple of weeks. Keep in mind you may also just be imagining things, (nocebo effect) i.e. you're aware that this can be a side effect so you're paying more attention to what your heart is doing, and it may be acting completely normally but you're freaking out about it anyway, thus leading to increased heartbeat, etc. Anyway, unless you have a history of weak hearts in your family, I wouldn't worry about this too much.
  4. Minox can make you feel tired. I felt low energy for the first few weeks on minox but gradually felt normal again. 
  5. I remember just one day soon after I started minox where I felt like absolute shit: headache, chest going crazy, really really low energy. But it got better after a few days.  
  6. Minox inhibits collagen production and gives dark circles under your eyes. You need to skinmax while on minoxidil. Vitamin C serum, retin-A, eye cream, skin supplements, collagen, dermarolling, etc. I waited months before skinmaxing while on minox and my skin gradually looked shittier and shittier and shittier. It also made my acne worse. Some people claim it helped clear their skin because minox dried up their spots. Not for me, it gave me really shit acne.  
  7. Minox will dry your skin. It has high alcohol content so it's obviously very bad for your skin. It will get dry and flaky. I recommend buying an oscillating brush for your face to get the dead skin crap off. 
  8. If you decide to use this during the day, people WILL comment on the fact that your skin around your mouth is dry, white and flaky (some of it is dead skin but minox can also turn white when it dries). You could brush this off by saying that you're on an acne treatment or some BS like that, or you could be like me and either use it when you know you will be an alonecel or use it at night while sleeping. It really does look like shit tbh. 
  9. Be careful if you have a pet like a cat or a dog, this stuff is poison and will probably fuck them up if they get into contact with it. I remember reading a story about a retard who used minox on his cat to treat a bald patch or something stupid along those lines and he ended up killing it. Jfl. 
  10. You might think that because hair on the scalp is dependent on minox (i.e. if you stop using it, your hair will fall out), then it might be the same for your beard. This is not the case, at least not if you do it right. Beard hair is different from head hair. During the first stages of minox use, the vellus hair (tiny, blonde, almost invisible hair that you have on your face) will begin to darken and grow longer. It will resemble beard hair, but it's not actually real beard hair yet. If you stop your minox use when the hair is still in this stage, then yes, it will fall out and you'll look retardedly strange as a man who suddenly stopped being able to grow a beard for no apparent reason. You need to wait until it sheds and regrows as terminal beard hair, i.e. rough, thick and dark as opposed to the soft supple vellus hair it used to be. Once the hair is terminal, it is permanent regardless of whether you continue to use minox or not.
  11. The amount of time it takes for you to see your first results (dark vellus), as well as the amount of time it takes for the vellus hair to turn into terminal hair varies drastically from person to person. It can take anywhere from a couple of months to several months for the first results to appear, and it can take anywhere from several months to a couple of years or more for your journey to be complete (full homogenous beard with maxed out terminal hair). Just be careful not to stop minox until you're 100% sure you have a terminal beard, because losing your gains would just suck lmao. 
  12. While your beard does not need DHT in the first stages of growth (when the vellus darkens) as it is just a result of increased blood circulation to the skin in your face, it will however require presence of DHT in order to eventually shed and become terminal. Thus lifting + certain supplements to increase testosterone/DHT/androgen receptor sensitivity can come in handy. I recommend reading for this type of info, it has pretty legit advice backed with scientific data on how to naturally increase male hormones. Or you could just inject and roidcel, it's up to you tbh. Also, look into face products that do not contain DHT inhibitors, IIRC a website called beardprofile has a good list of DHT inhibitors to avoid. If you're a baldcel and you're on a treatment that lowers DHT, then I'm not sure what kind of compromise you could make tbh, maybe just see if you get results anyway. 
  13. As with everything, YMMV: side effects, results, etc., everything will be different from person to person. 

How to use:
  1. Wash your face (or at least the beard area of your face) with face soap before applying minox. 
  2. Do not use anything else but minox when applying minox. 
  3. There are two types of minoxidil: liquid and foam. Foam is more expensive but less harsh on the face. It may or may not give slower results, there isn't much data on this. I will likely switch to foam soon, been using liquid up until now. 
  4. Use 1 mL on your face. Leave it on for at least 4 hours. Your skin absorbs approx 50% of minox after the first hour, and approx 90% after 4 hours. 
  5. If you wish to use it twice a day, wait at least 8 hours after you did the first application. Example: apply at 8am, wash off at midday. Apply once again at 4pm, wash off before bed time. I only apply once a day before going to sleep or when I know I'm staying indoors for minimum 4 hours, but do whatever feels like the best for you. You will get faster results with twice a day; exactly how much faster is not known, but I highly doubt that the difference in speed is as big as twofold. 
  6. If you're using the liquid version, I recommend using the pipette that the minox comes with as your "spreader" rather than using your hands to spread the minox. You lose less this way, and you don't really want your hands to absorb the minox anyway. You'll get the hang of it. 
  7. After washing the minox off, apply moisturiser. One that is popular among the minox beard community is Nivea Soft with jojoba oil, which I use. 

Final advice:
  1. Certain oils are good for beard growth. My personal beard oil is a mixture I made myself which consists of 5% peppermint extract oil (do not exceed 5%, it is very strong stuff), 30% castor oil (this stuff is really thick and gooey), and the rest as jojoba oil. There are other oils that are good too, look into it if interested. Again, make sure the oils you choose are not actually DHT blockers. 
  2. You should also apply minox on your eyebrows, I regret not having started this earlier at the same time as when I started my beard journey. It helped make my eyebrows darker, denser, more symmetrical (with careful plucking, which you'll need to get good at by the way because your eyebrows will get pretty messy if left alone), straighter, basically superior to what they were before I started putting minox on my eyebrows. Eyebrow plucking is a very delicate art, you need to make it natural looking and symmetrical, it's very easy to screw up and end up looking like a drag queen, and one wrong hair plucked can ruin the whole damn thing. But if done right this will definitely add points to your looks. 
  3. I personally do not dermaroll because it fucked my skin up, but if you wish to dermaroll, wait at least 24 hours for your skin to repair itself before applying minox again. You do not dermaroll to increase the absorption of minox, you dermaroll to increase collagen which your minox use is screwing up. I am using other ways to increase collagen mentioned above (retin-A, vitamin C serum, supplements, etc.).
  4. A Facebook group exists with tens of thousands of members also frauding their beards with minox. It's called Minox Beard Spot. It's not very interesting except for its very in depth FAQ (but I've pretty much covered all the important things in this thread anyway). I mean you might want to check it out if you enjoy looking at closeups of grown men's faces posting their results. The posts are pretty boring tbh, mostly idiots asking questions that have already been answered in the FAQ, and angry people answering "read the fucking FAQ" in unison. 
  5. I highly recommend to try to be patient: even if you've noticed gains, don't try to grow it out just yet. Keep running stubble game. If you grow it out, it will likely look weak, wispy and retarded as fuck. Trust me on experience, I should have been more patient when I first saw results tbh. 
Good luck buddy boyos and may Thor be with you. 
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