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Thread Contributor: VitriolComplete Looksmaxing Guide [MUST READ FOR ALL] [FEMALE FRIENDLY] + Extended Guide


Basic Tools of Improvement


The impact of acne on general aesthetic is self-evident 

[Image: nintchdbpict000281601251.jpg?w=594&strip=all]

[Image: skin-transformation-1024x682.jpg]
[Image: Acne-Results.jpg]

[Image: QAdFQ23.jpg]

It's simple. 50,000 IU's of vitamin A every single day when you are breaking out. Cease this dose. If you are on a steroid cycle and are predisposed to acne, you can permanently remain on a 30,000 IU dose and move onto accutane should you experience uncontrollable breakouts. Ideally you should purchase 10,000 IU tablets and in events where you can obtain a prescription for it, 50,000 IU tablets. Having 1000 IU caps or gels is a logistic annoyance and is infeasible when we are talking in terms of taking what would be 50 tablets a day.

For a general maintenance dose, 10,000IU's every week is just fine. Remember that accutane is merely vitamin A in large quantities. It is a vitamin A derivative. 

A further reason for the continued use of vitamin A is that it has been observed to help with skin tone. This is best demonstrated when one takes the toxic dose (discussed later), where one's skin will become yellow or dark orange.

The ideal skin tone pattern is the one on the right:

[Image: 0zs06Fi.jpg]

You want to look youthful and your skin to glow. Looking pale and white, as subsequently demonstrated, will be contrary to that effort:

[Image: gandymorph.jpg]

[Image: david_gandy_Audi_Polo_2013.jpg]

So what is the toxic dose?

The toxic dose for vitamin a is 25,000IU p/kg per day. In other words, if you are 80kg, you will need to ingest a total of two million IU's of vitamin A to reach the toxic blood levels. That is the equivalent of taking 200 10,000 IU doses in a single sitting. If you are 40kg, half the aforesaid numbers; one million IU's is the toxic dose; the equivalent of 100 10,000 IU doses.

What about the other risks?

Pregnant women should not take vitamin A in high doses, for it can cause birth defects. Birth defects can include malformations of the eye, skull, lungs, and heart. Stay firmly away from the framework of this guide if you are a pregnant women.

Blackheads and bad skin, what else can help?

Baking soda. One to two teaspoons mixed with a few drops of water - enough to create a paste - applied to face for 10 minutes and taken off. This is very effective home method to removing blackheads. If it burns for you aggressively, then stop. Some burning is expected. Research this method before you do it (and any method written here). Baking soda will make your skin dryer when everything is said and done, so be sure to moisturize. appropriately. Toothpaste is a similar method.


This is the Norwood scale which is widely used to determine different stages of male pattern baldness:

[Image: norwood-scale-for-men.jpg]

You will hear about three million products that boast miraculous results, but when all is said and done, few of these products will make any measurable difference and if they do, they won't regrow your hair.

Go straight to what works - minoxidil and finasteride.

Start one or ideally both products (minoxidil before finasteride, finasteride being the superior product) if you are:

  • Shedding aggressively, which decidedly is not the potential result of a diet change
  • Exhibiting a clearly receding hairline

It is clear that most men don't keep track of their hair loss, and oftentimes it is too late to facilitate regrowth. While minoxidil and to a greater extent, finasteride can provide regrowth, reaction to the drugs are highly individualistic. There have been individuals who have a confirmed legitimate product, who have not responded to minoxidil or finasteride at all, not even on the front of side effects.

The side effects of both drugs are highly individual but suffice it to say, they affect a very vocal minority. 

The side effects of Minoxidil include (but are not limited to): 
  • unwanted facial/body hair
  • dizziness
  • fast/irregular heartbeat
  • fainting
  • chest pain
  • swelling of hands/feet
  • unusual weight gain
  • tiredness
  • difficulty breathing especially when lying down.
Finasteride is an FDA approved medication to treat hair loss but it can result in side effects including, but not limited to:

  • impotence,
  • loss of interest in sex,
  • trouble having an orgasm,
  • abnormal ejaculation,
  • swelling in your hands or feet,
  • swelling or tenderness in your breasts,
  • dizziness,
  • weakness,
  • feeling like you might pass out,
  • headache,
  • runny nose, or
  • skin rash.
Help! I'm under 18 with a rapidly receding hairline! Where do I get finasteride from and should I take it?

Finasteride is not legally prescribable to anyone under the age of 18. Further, I don't recommend its use in minors, as it is a hormonal based drug. It lowers your DHT levels. DHT is a very important sex hormone in some quantities. Stick to minoxidil and speak to your doctor about further treatments.

Hair styling

Ideal hairstyles are as follows:

[Image: zayn-malik-hair-amas-2014-1418820384-view-0.png]

[Image: a02fa14eac35f9fa736a3b4ebb848ba3.jpg]

[Image: cc15ca35c4038ad211e31f01a866e9ef.jpg]

These individuals all have a youthful hairline so a hairstyle that shows it is ideal.

Females keep it medium to long and straight:

[Image: 1441e13f61e088cdd004d1a61678f6d9.jpg]

[Image: long-hair-women-cute-hairstyles-for-tren...293008.jpg]

[Image: 5b439c62f92d305f9bb2f97441fb438b.jpg]

One need only look to Cara Develignes short hair to note the difference in her appeal:

[Image: GettyImages-676052338-700x525.jpg]

[Image: Cara-Delevingne-Long-Center-Part-Hairstyle-for-2016.jpg]


Men: if you have an absolute disaster going on like a monobrow or extremely bushy eyebrows, sort it out. Don't shape them like a girl. This is key. If your appeal is in the pretty boy domain you can afford to do this but if you sport a more masculine appeal, stick to thicker eyebrows.

Pretty boy eyebrows:

[Image: tumblr_ltqw7g1d531qkfaxvo1_1280.jpg]

Otherwise ideal:

[Image: Sean-OPry-by-Andrew-Weir.jpg]

[Image: 2560908.jpg]

Women: thin eyebrows but not pencil-like

Exceptions like Cara loses a hint of appeal with thinner eyebrows. As a general rule, the bigger your eyes, the thicker your eyebrows can be (increasing in small intervals). 

[Image: 1gly9n.gif]

Women with wider set eyes - don't finely pluck your eyebrows, so as to give an illusion of proximity:

[Image: aPGQsZm.png]


Fix them. Veneers, braces; whatever needs to happen.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a prime illustration of how teeth affect one's appearance (and skin). 

[Image: main-qimg-7979b4a96d3d3ad754378da1ba3fd013-c]

I have a weak jaw, what should I do?

Hide it with a beard if you're not going to get surgery.

For females a weaker jaw is more dimorphic so there are no issues here. 

Body fat

Women - don't be fat. Society at large will always treat slimmer women better and men, despite the efforts of feminism (and in my cases despite what they say), will always prefer thinner women. Observe the world around you. Don't live on theory.

Men - 8-11% is the most ideal. Any lower and you will be looking too shredded. Any higher and facial aesthetics will likely begin to suffer.

You want to look nicely lean but not comically huge. You want to come off as a fit individual who plays sport to stay in shape and has good genetics. You don't want to come off as a steroid head (even if you are taking them) who spends hours and hours in the gym, with little to no other interests, and an obsession that is congruent with mental illness.

[Image: 10559967_10152256494435373_7917755920949288882_n.jpg]

[Image: banner203_pt.jpg]

I have wide birthing hips, my clavicle length is almost like a female's, what should I do?

Cruise at 15-20% body fat, have a really low sodium diet to minimize facial bloat and have facial hair. Working out is going to make you look silly. 
[Image: Brad_B_Adonis_Index_Transformation_Front.jpg]

[Image: adam-breese-after.jpg]

[Image: HO4xxLF.png]

Should I take steroids?

The answer varies. As a general rule, it is not necessary. Your goal is just to be lean with a decent amount of mass on you. It's obtainable naturally but steroids will accelerate the process. Keep in mind, legality depending on your country, having to cycle off or lose your fertility, AI's, relying on products produced in an underground lab without any oversights. In any case, I recommend a testosterone only cycle with a good AI like aromasin or arimidex. Aromasin is useful to have on hand because it is a suicide AI, meaning there will be no estrogen rebound following its disuse. 

I advise sticking to testosterone because as you branch to further compounds, the keepability of your gains is tremendously reduced (it already is much so on testosterone), in effect rendering you reliant on taking multiple compounds forever to maintain your body.

In general I advise against steroids because it is more complex and multifaceted than people think. You have to worry about numerous factors and you may never be able to cycle off if you stay on for a long time. Your natural HTPA levels may never recover after long use and this is especially true as you progress in your 20s. Further, if you're predisposed to male pattern baldness, the receding and shedding will be amplified tenfold on steroids.


Female - unless you are really tall or really short, height will not affect you. 

Ideal height is 6'2 - 6'4.
5'10 is acceptable.

Wear 2 inch lifts at all times. Nearly every guy is wearing them these days and so you need to balance the frauding. It's not that everyone has suddenly gotten taller; lifts are just becoming more widely used.

Don't wear baggy clothes. Wear tight(er) pants and keep your top well fitted. If you're about emphasizing height, don't wear overcoats.

Perfect your posture. Slouching can take away a few crucial inches.

A general guide to maximizing perceived height, including for those under 5'10

- lifts
- hair must always be UP to give the illusion of greater height
- perfect posture
- tight fitting clothes
- sleep every night to recover any lost height during the day

What to do to achieve maximum growth in puberty?


Niacin Stimulates Growth Hormone.
While extolling the benefits of niacin, one frequently overlooked “side effect” is that niacin is a powerful releaser of growth hormone (Quabbe, et al, 1983) Quabbe and colleagues administered 500 mg niacin intravenously to humans, and noted a dramatic rise in growth hormone. In a second phase of their study, they simultaneously administered an infusion of fatty acids. Note that the fat completely blunted any rise in growth hormone. The practical take-home lesson of this study is that anyone using niacin as a growth hormone stimulant should take it on an empty stomach (glucose and insulin also inhibit growth hormone, as well as fatty acids).

Niacin (vitamin b3) is the only vitamin that can release growth hormone.

In general, eat well, sleep well (sleep is critical for growth hormone production) and realize your genetic predisposition.


Keep it simple. Don't look like you're trying to compensate. Don't wear a suit just to go to your college class. You want to improve your body to the point where you look great in any clothes.

[Image: 14128647_1785887104998273_63831078189578...Mw%3D%3D.2]

Is he wearing a complex outfit? Does it affect his appeal?
No to both.

Girls can try more with fashion because it's more of a forte for them, but likewise don't over do it.

[Image: faf8741b57264408594cf97331a87044.jpg]

But she still looks good wearing this:

[Image: bed6c75941cee61253bb1f61a138cf00.jpg]

Personality - Does it Matter?

Context is important. 

The more attractive you are, the more otherwise 'creepy' or unacceptable actions you can pull off with impunity. 

If you're seeking a LTR, personality is obviously more important. If you just want sex, it has little importance. 

Don't be strange. Practice talking to girl friends who you see as mere friends and apply your skills to girls who you actually want. Girls, the opposite - if you're into guys, talk to guy friends, then apply those skills to desired males.

A mix of serious and funny is important. You want people to feel calm around you. You want people to like talking to you. You don't want them to worry about what they look like, or how bad their clothes are when they are meeting you. You need to be approachable, calm and confident. 



guide by @supreme_looksmaxxer from another thread is as follows:

This guide is pretty hardcore and will cost you AT LEAST $100'000 total (although possible closer to $150'000 – $200'000 if you need all the steps done).

This is no joke guide, this is no "trolling". It actually works, but it is close to suicide, since you are basically destroying your old self and rebuilding anew. Let us say that if you want to commit suicide this is probably a better alternative.

This is actual red pill (harsh truth) and will get you laid desired like nothing else. This guide is designed to get the average incel as attractive to females as humanely possible. It uses and abuses every trick in the book.

1. Height: it has been proven over time that ideal height lies somewhere in 6'2''-6'4'' range. If you are below this, limb lengthening surgery is highly recommended to max out your looks. Limb lengthening can get you 2-4 inches of additional height. Height is extremely important in male to female attraction and a boost in a few inches can give you the much needed edge. Google "limb lengthening forums" to find out details. There are now non invasive methods which place the lengthening rod inside the bone and do not require external fixators minimizing chance of infection. Technology and medicine has progressed to a level where this procedure is relatively safe from a good doctor, but will cost you big bucks. This will be the most expensive part of the whole process.

2. Hair: Unless you have God tier skull (you don't, because you are an incel) you need the hair to keep good face framing. Use dutasteride to maintain and regrow hair accompanied with Minoxidil 5% twice a day. If you have recessed beyond Norwood 2 do a FUE (recommended) or FUT hair transplant. This will cost you about 15'000$ including all the drugs and subscriptions. If you are beyond Norwood 5, then tough luck pal, will have to use a hair piece or settle for a transplant to Norwood 3. In the end I would recommend dying hair black or dark if you are caucasian (yes, women like tall, DARK and handsome men). If you are ginger, we will be fixing that later on in later steps. If you are Asian dye your hair blonde (yes, you want to look LESS asian, deal with it). You want to look like a tan skinned white dude as much as possible (stick to the TALL, DARK and HANDSOME rule).

3. Teeth: Biggie. If you have underbite, overbite or uneven bite it affects not only how your choppers look but the shape of your face and jaw as well. Get that shit fixed. But under no case DO NOT DO TEETH EXTRACTIONS. Just google John Mew and Mike Mew and look what happened to his father when he did the teeth extractions. You want the fullness in your face, so keep your teeth. Goal of orthodontics is to perfect the bite, increase width of your inferior palate and make your face look better. Don't forget to chew gum daily and Mew to hell and back. Your jaw has to be sore. Google "Mike Mew orthothropics". This process might take you up to 3 years, 4 with jaw surgery, lots of pain and total cost might be anywhere from 5'000$ to 30'000$ (depends on your case and location). Be sure to choose an ortho who cares not only about teeth position, but overall facial (no, not that facial you perv) aesthetics. In the end – don't forget to whiten your teeth and replace any old metal fillings with white fillings so all teeth in your mouth look perfect.

4. Face: Alright, this come AFTER step 3, since that step will improve a lot in your face. So to attract women you need a masculine face. Google "sexual dimorphism" and see what it says about faces of men. Strong brow ridge, narrow eyes, strong cheekbones and strong jaw / chin. You will improve the jaw in step 3. JAW: If you still lack chin after braces and jaw surgery, chin implant is an easy solution and gives a visible improvement. If you STILL lack jaw width (it is unlikely) there is a possibility of jaw implants, but they are messy and very "fake" + you might get your needed jaw width by mewing and roiding in the next steps (yes, roiding can increase masculinity of your face). So if you want to mess with your jaw, put that off a bit. Now the other things: NOSE - if you are asian get that surgery to increase your nose bridge and make your nose more western. If your nose is too big, it honestly is not a problem for a guy unless it looks awful. Nose should fit your face. Nose job cost ranges from 5000 to 10000$. EYES - eyes are window of the soul, so it is a biggie. If you have Asian eyes, get double eyelid surgery asap. No wonder half of South Korea are getting them, it improves the look. You might consider using blue iris lenses to make you look more exotic. Dark eyes are generally not too attractive unless you look extremely macho already. Blue eyes are a little more "beta", but look very cool on races other than white (just google black people with blue eyes). Green are good. What you need is a pronounced limbal ring (google it), if you have muddy eyes and lack it then lenses can give you both the color you think fits you best and the limbal ring. Remember: you are killing your old incel self, do not stick to any idea of being loyal to "yourself" or "your race". You are building a new person here, so changing your eye color is ok. Now, droopy eyes are not the worst thing in a man, since it is relatively masculine, but what you want is eagle eyes (narrow). If it is possible via surgery, consider it. I think it is not though, so might give a pass here. If possible, tint your eyebrows and eyelashes black. It frames the eyes better and always looks good. Your hair has to match though. So anything that deviates from the Chad look you have to fix with facial surgery. If your face is really fucked, Le Fort II and other extreme surgeries might help, but you have to find a surgeon willing to perform them. Remember: you have nothing to lose, so take the highest risks. One important thing to note about surgery on face – avoid fillers. They are just not worth it and look fake. You want your face to consist of BONE not liquid and fatty tissue or foreign implants. So do whatever possible to manipulate the bone growth and shape.

5. Skin: Very important, you want to have nice olive tan smooth skin. Not too pale, not pink, not yellow. If you are black, not much you can do there, but otherwise visit a good doc to get that acne cleared up, remove all blemishes and apply Melanotan II (for non-blacks). Melanotan II will give you darker skin, darker hair color, you will have less appetite and higher sex drive with possibly lower inhibitions. Don't abuse it as it can make you a literal nig. Make sure it is legit by taking it to chemist to get checked after buying it from your drug dealer. This is godsend for gingers as you will literally get away from that beta ginger skin tone and fix the red hair problem (hair will become black / dark brown). For black guys: just don't have acne, not much you can do there.

6. Body: Here we go boyos, the big one. So while you are doing all of the above you should be gymcelling at least 4 times a week (and while you are lengthening your legs you can work your top with light exercises). Sleep well (9 hours), eat well and find a good routine with heavy compound lifts. After about 6 months you will have run out of newbie gains. This is where big guns come into play. If you have a good frame and height already with a relatively wide and masculine face then steroids might suffice. Make sure to use "hair safe" steroids, this is very important. You don't want to get buff and bald, then you will just look like a gymcel. Do your research. GoodLookingLoser had a good guide on steroids. You want to grow in muscle and reduce fat. Visible six pack is mandatory. You have to weight at least 190 lbs with bodyfat in the 10-15% range. Steroids will help you fill your frame perfect. However, if steroids are not enough to make you a big and masculine looking guy due to inferior skeletal frame, there is another secret trick. This one is quite extreme and you should definitely consult a knoweldgeable doctor and keep track of your hormonal changes, but it is HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. Rich piana said that long time abuse of HGH made his SKULL GROW, his HANDS GREW, his GUT GREW (bad, but hey, what can you do) and his FEET GREW. Yes, that shit makes actual new cells in your body so your face and skull will become bigger, wider and more masculine. Ideal for skullcels who have narrow and weak looking faces + Mewers get nice gains for jaw growth. Many of you don't need this, but HGH might be that last extra push that a true mega incel subhuman might need to transform him into mutant Chad. This will cost you a lot. Maybe 1000$ a month if you get it the legit way. A few hundred if you get it illegaly. But you still need to do regular bloodwork and keep track of your health. You don't need to become Rich Piana, he is not aesthetic, but you simply might not have the resources needed to become Chad without HGH if you are a true incel. Otherwise roids should suffice. Don't forget to take dutasteride to offset hair damage from roids. Even the lightest roids increase testosterone which can have a little bit of negative affect on hair. Important thing to take away from this: you want to look like Zyzz or Connor Murphy (the bodybuilder, not hockey player). You can't do this without roids. You want to train big pecs, shoulders for width (females find V shape extremely attractive) and neck with trapeze for thick looking upper frame.

7. Tattoos: Ah, icing on the cake. Once you are roided, tanned to maximum this is the final piece of the puzzle. Get those alpha douchebag tattoos that you see on instagram models (some examples - ). Tattoos like you see on Zyzz are pretty perfect. Half chest, shoulder and arm. You can show off your god tier body and still show you have an edge. Will cost you a few thousand. Don't get hipster or "artsy" tattoos. Stacies think those are gay.

Now you might ask – but HOW will I afford all of this?

Well, some things you can do already now for free (start lifting 4x a week for newbie gains, don't eat junk food, improve your skin) and mew daily. But this brings me to next point:

8. Money: You need to have a good hustle going on. You need to rake in AT LEAST 60k$ a year on hand. 100k$ is good (magic six figures). NO wageslaving for years, NO low paid office jobs. Forget that. Don't be afraid to break the law to get what you want. When you are in doubt just ask "What would Chad do?". Would Chad care about scamming some normans for $$$? NOPE! So do that! There are plenty of blackhat forums online with different illegal methods on making money in short periods of time. For online crime you get less sentences that you do for shit like drug dealing, so stick to whatever is less risky. You also have an added BONUS to this: you are actually becoming the ruthless, immoral and dominating, low inhibition thug guy women want. IF in the worst case you get to spend a few years in jail for this (don't do crime that puts you in for more than 2 years), it also works in your favor, since women are ATTRACTED to THUGS as they are one of the most masculine men around. In jail you can work out hard, strengthen yourself, get into fights, get scars and prison tattoos and become tougher. I would not recommend this as it would take time away from other things, but you have to understand that for a Chad this is not the worst scenario and can actually help you in lowering inhibitions and develop DGAF attitude. Many of you have good careers already, so simply save money or even take a loan. Don't worry about paying it back, just change name, emigrate or declare bankrupcy. What will they do? Take away your chin implants or confiscate your roided biceps? LOL, Chad doesn't give a fuck. He only cares about his goals. BE CHAD and FUCK THE NORMIES (literally and figuritively).

9. Personality: By this point, if you went through all the steps above you should have a pretty DGAF personality already which will attract women. You will have to speak and flirt with every chick you see. Even if she has a boyfriend. (Chad doesn't care). Guys will be extremely intimidated by you and girls will be attracted to you on a primal level. Guaranteed. You will have become what you hate the most, the DOUCHEBAG CHAD. If someone gives you any shit, just tell them to fuck off. The "What would Chad do?" rule really works here. So just answer like Chad and you are good to go.

10. Dick: Now Stacies will want to fuck your brains out after you have done your transformation, but what about the dick? Many of you here are dicklets (under 7 inches). This is where jelqing comes into play (google Thunders place). You want to have AT LEAST minimum 7 inches in length and 6 inches in width. Dick has to look proportionally big to your body. Do jelqing during this whole transformation period and follow the newbie guys on dick stretching forums. "B-b-b-but is that SAFE?" NO! It is NOT FUCKING SAFE. But WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? You are a LITTLE DICKLET! Stretch that shit and TAKE IT SLOW + WARMUP so you minimise risk. Chad doesn't give shit about safety, you are in no position to care about safety, what you need are COLD, HARD, RESULTS. Also: always carry a pill of viagra with you. You are a chemical factory at this point, so viagra won't hurt. It will maximise your boner and help you plow the pussy like no tomorrow. TRY IT!

BONUS STEP – BLING: Once you have really maxed your height, looks, skin, muscles, attitude you have to start investing money in your life. Get a relatively good place where you can bring girls (logistics are important, you want to get the birds to bed FAST). You might also want to buy a relatively good car. Don't go overboard on this. Car is not that important. What would Chad drive? A cool looking Mustang will suffice, just keep it clean. Your car has to look like Chad's car, not beta providers car, so avoid hybrids, electric vehicles and anything that looks in any way "gay" or "liberal". Your car doesn't have to be "pretty", it has to be "masculine". You don't really need to buy much bling as your body speaks for itself, but you might buy some diamond ear studs a snapback collection and some tees in style of "Cocaine & Caviar" or similar.

This method will get you all types of girls, from Stacies to cute library girls. When you speak with a less quality girl (nerd, otaku, librarian) just tone down the Chad game and go into your geek mode a bit. These girls will be wet as hell thinking that someone with your body could actually bond with them and be kind to them while ravaging their tight little pussy with an 8 incher and choking them tenderly. Even if they fuck other guys after you they will be calling for your name. If you think that classy girls will be turned off by you, you are mistaken. Just get yourself a well tailored suit and act more classy, dialing down the douchebag game, and they will be on. Then take them to your place, take off that suit to reveal hardened, scarred and tatted body of your "mysterious past life" and they will gush right there and then. You were not an incel. You were a Columbian drug cartel member in your youth and did some things you regret and want to get your life on track. Stacy will want to use her love to help you change to the positive side. You will have to LIE, a A LOT. Chad does not care about lying as long as he gets the pus pus.


DON'T talk about your transformation! This will be your SECRET! Destroy all your old photos, cut off all your old friends. People won't understand this. New people in your life have to think that you have a shady past riddled with crime, bad choices and extreme conditions. But you have changed now, you want to "get on track" now. You don't want to talk about your past. Think of Renegade. You might actually consider moving to a different country at this point. This might work if you are very short and leg lengthening gets you to only 5'11'' or something. Just move out to Mexico or China. White guys have extreme advantage in Asian countries. You have to be taller than the general male population in your area. You have to be Chad in comparison to them. If you are Asian, do not live in a white country like UK or USA (relatively white, but what the hell). Move back to Asia. You have more chances of being Chad there. Changing country has added benefit of being able to take loans and not pay them back. When people want to ask you about your past, look a bit sulking and say "I don't want to talk about that right now". I also suggest taking up boxing, BJJ or MMA if you have the time.


Remember – you, as an incel, DON'T HAVE THE PRIVELEGE to live life in moderation. This whole trip might take you minimum 5 years, maximum about 10.

And if you are not prepared to kill your old self and mutate into artifical man-made Chad, please don't whine about the unfairness of the world.

Resources I recommend:

*Good looking loser site.

*Steroid forums.

*Bodybuilding forums.

*Plastic surgery forums.


*Blackhat and hacker forums.
*Black dragon blog.

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"Your genes are pretty fucked up I'll tell you that," a poster with an anime avatar told the teen point blank."
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"Your genes are pretty fucked up I'll tell you that," a poster with an anime avatar told the teen point blank."
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"Your genes are pretty fucked up I'll tell you that," a poster with an anime avatar told the teen point blank."
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